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Ashley S. says:                                                           

Where do I start!? Our experience was wonderful.

 Where do I start!? Our experience was wonderful. We first met at her home to get an idea of the environment Comet would be in as well as to see how she interacted with him. There was plenty of room for Comet to run and play and she interacted well with him. We decided to try things out and left Comet with her for a week while we took a vacation. Several times throughout the trip she would text us with updates and photos which really put us at ease. When we arrived back from our trip Comet was just as happy and playful as we left him. You could tell he really felt at home. Overall we were very happy with the whole experience and have already scheduled our next couple of trips with her. It is very comforting to find someone that cares for animals as much as she does. We highly recommend her!

Sally B. says:                                                           

I would highly recommend her…

Mary cared for my 2 large boxers and cat in my home for 4 nights and five days. She was absolutely wonderful in meeting the needs of my pets. I have looked for someone of this caliber for years. I would highly recommend her and plan to use her “pet and house sitting services” for years to come!

Jennifer M. says:                                                           

Annette (Mary) did an excellent job

Annette (Mary) did an excellent job taking care of our almost 13 year old cocker spaniel, Zoe and our home while we were away. Zoe has recently lost her hearing and now suffers from extreme separation anxiety. She cannot be left alone for more than a few hours a day. Annette took the time to understand exactly what our dog needed and provided that care for the 4 days that we were gone. Our dog takes several medications a day and is on a special diet. I knew going into our vacation that we may need to change the dosage of medication for Zoe. As soon as Annette noticed a change in her behavior she immediately contacted me and we came up with a new game plan that solved the problem. I felt confident leaving town and our dog was happy when we returned. This is only the second time we have left Zoe with a dog sitter, but I will not hesitate to do it again under Annette’s care. My son was also very excited to come home to his newly adopted, healthy guppies. I highly recommend Annette for the care of your pets!

Mike P. says:                                                           

…will be using her in the future

Annette did a great job with my two cairn terriers and chihuahua. I don’t get away too much but will be using her in the future so that now I can be comfortable knowing there are treated well and responsibly. Thanks Annette!